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Why do you need the Agritourism Liability Sign?

Limit your liability by posting this sign. The law states that the exemption would not apply if a sign is not posted.

2013 Wisconsin Act 269 was amended to limit civil liability for injury to or the death of an individual who is participating in an agricultural tourism activity. The agricultural tourism provider must post and maintain in a clearly visible location at each entrance to the property where the activity takes place or at the location of each activity, a sign that contains the following notice in black lettering, each letter a minimum of one inch in height, on a white background (see wording below). See Act 269 for complete verbiage http://docs.legis.wisconsin.gov/2013/related/acts/269/_4

An agricultural tourism activity is defined as and educational or recreational activity that takes place on a farm, ranch, grove or other place where agricultural, horticultural or silvicultural crops are grown or farm animals or farmed fish are raised. An agricultural tourism activity allows members of the public, whether or not for a fee, to tour, explore, observe, learn about, participate in, or be entertained by an aspect of agricultural production, harvesting or husbandry that occurs on the property.

Options Available For Purchase

1. Contact your favorite printer to make one for you. Give them the specifications as written in the law and pay them to make it.

2. Order from the Wisconsin Agricultural Tourism Association (WATA). Their version of the sign can be found online here: visitdairyland.com

3. WCTPA is sold out and won't be ordering more. Contact us if you want the supplier's name where we had them printed.

▪ 48" wide x 24 tall"

Agritourism Sign

Call or fax WCTPA at 608-742-8663; or e-mail at info@christmastrees-wi.org.


The mission of the Wisconsin Christmas Tree Producers Association is to promote real Christmas trees, wreaths and greenery through marketing, and education of our members and customers by quality production of real farm fresh and fragrant products while protecting the environment.

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