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Supplies & Tools for the Christmas tree Industry, tree farm or retail lot

There are many companies who provide supplies, equipment, and tools to the Christmas tree industry. Some of the companies have been in business for over 60 years. Some of them are newer to the industry. But they all provide tools of the trade to help Christmas tree growers do their job of growing the healthiest trees possible, so that families can enjoy a fresh, farm grown Christmas tree in their home. The companies are spread out across the country, but they all have come to the Wisconsin Christmas tree conventions to sell their wares. They are also a member of the WCTPA. Go ahead and feel confident ordering from them.

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A N R Tree Farm

Bruce A. Niedermeier, W8379 Beechnut Dr., Wautoma, WI 54982-5281
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Instant pitch remover

Fraser Knoll

Tommy Wagoner, 610 Burnt Hill Road, Laurel Springs, NC 28644
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Tools and supplies for the professional Christmas tree grower, retailer and wreath maker.

Helena Agri-Enterprises LLC

Shawn Hilliard, 156 County N, Edgerton, WI 53534
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Helena Agri-Enterprises is a leading supplier of Pesticides and Fertilizers, for the ornamental, nursery growers, and arbocare professionals in the United States. From greenhouse to field grown crops, Helena has the products and services to help you succeed. Helena also offers soil testing and plant tissue analysis to match your agronomic needs with the right Helena products. The theme of People…Products…Knowledge… pervades all levels of the company, with customer success as the goal and ultimate end result. The knowledgeable and experienced team at Helena will work with you to develop a sound agronomic program designed to meet your specific needs and achieve your desired results. Helena is a direct distributor for the key manufacturers in the ornamental and nursery markets: AMVAC, BASF, Bayer, Dow, FMC, Fine Chemicals, Gowan, ICL, Monsanto, Nufarm, OHP, Quali-Pro, Sepro, Syngenta, UPI.

Kelco Industries

Dugald Kell, PO Box 160, 58 Main St., Milbridge, ME 04658
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We offer just about everything you will need to grow trees and make beautiful wreaths. Check out our website and order online. Pine cones, wreath decorations, wreath hangers, wreath lights, ribbon in solid colors and prints with wire edges and weatherproof. Handmade bows and pull bows. Supplies- twine, plant stakes, shipping cartons. Kits for making centerpieces, kissing balls, and wreaths. Tabletop tree forms. Wreath frames in all sizes, and varieties. Wire, picks, for decorations, tools, wreath making machines, and garland machines. Tree lot supplies- packagers, netting, lights, pin display systems, flocking equipment, tags, signs, pennants, banners, stands, coloring books, and more! Tree farming equipment and supplies, fertilizers and sprays, deer repellent and deer netting, shearing knives, loppers, pruners, saws, parts, tools, tags, stakes, rain gear, safety equipment, twine, flagging tape, Solo sprayers and spreaders, wick wiper. Lots more.

M.P.B. Builders Inc

Doyle Pokorny, 654 East Oshkosh St, Ripon, WI 54971
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Design and construction of post frame buildings for use in commercial, residential, and agricultural buildings.

Northern Family Farms

Ashley or Derek Ahl, W10757 Jeffrey Rd, Merrillan, WI 54754-8221
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Portable tree balers, Tree disposal bags, Coloring books, Tree tags, Netting/twine, Tree stands

Pleasant Valley Tree Farms

Dan Scharlau, N7240 810th Street, Elk Mound, WI 54739
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Tree disposal bags, Tree tags, Netting/twine.

The Kirk Company

Amanda Klingenberger, N4080 State Road 22, Wautoma, WI 54982
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Our Tree Life™ Family of products includes; hand balers and netting, both the granular and liquid nutrients, bio-degradable tree removal bags, watering funnel, floor protector, and the Car Top Carrier, a reusable, simple, fast, and secure way for transporting your Christmas Tree from the lot to your home. New this year is our Tri-Color Knit Netting in festive green, red and white. Kolors by Kirk brighten up your tree lots as well as drawn attention to them. Our traditional colorants have been a mainstay for Christmas Tree growers; we also offer a wide variety of grower supplies including shearing knives and chaps, pruners, flagging tape, safety equipment, and fertilizing supplies. Visit our website, for the complete history of our company as well as the full line of our products which may be ordered online or you can talk to our knowledgeable customer service staff at 800-252-5475.