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WCTPA Membership

Our fiscal year runs from July 1st through June 30th. If you are joining between March 30th and June 30th, your membership will be credited to the upcoming year. Please choose the membership appropriate to your situation. The info letters give you more details.


"Active membership shall be for persons or firms engaged in producing or marketing Christmas trees, wreaths, boughs and roping/garland in or from Wisconsin or Upper Peninsula Michigan." Dues amount is based on your gross income of these items from the previous season. This is a voting membership. Included in the dues structure is a $25 Tree Industry Partnership (TIP) assessment which goes to the National Christmas Tree Association and a subscription to the Great Lakes Christmas Tree Journal.

Advertise your farm on this website on the Find a Tree/Wreath pages. 


Associate members may be wholesalers or retailers other than producers, related industry groups, public or private agencies or associations, and any other persons or firms interested in the Christmas tree or related products industry. This is a non-voting membership.



An associate member who regularly exhibits products related to the Christmas tree industry at the Association's conventions or regularly advertises the same in the Association's publications may be designated an "Exhibitor Member" by the Executive Secretary of the Association. An exhibitor member is a type of associate membership and as such is non-voting. You receive all of the WCTPA mailings, including the Quarterly Journal, membership directory, convention programs, special mailings, etc. You are also listed in the WCTPA annual Membership Directory, published in January and can have our membership list in electronic format. 

Exhibitor Membership Form (PDF)
Optional: Web Site Listing

After paying the Exhibitor membership fee, you may pay an additional charge of $95 to have a listing on this web site products page or live trees page which includes a hot link to your web site. The listing remains on the site through the end of our fiscal year.



Extra Mailing, subscription or student member

An extra subscription can be purchased for your employees, business partners, or family members if you are a full active member. This subscription is also available to people who are interested in the industry or those who have retired and do not actively grow or market Christmas trees and/or wreath products in or from Wisconsin or Upper Peninsula of Michigan. If you are a full time student and would like to receive all mailings, you are welcome to choose this option. This option has no voting rights.




What Does the Association Provide?

  • Maintains an office where you can call to help you find answers. The Executive Secretary can help you find the right person to contact, and serves you by coordinating and promoting the activities which benefit the industry.
  • Sponsors a summer convention with technical sessions on relative issues, plantation tours, an annual business meeting and trade show.
  • Sponsors a winter convention with technical information, a semi-annual business meeting and trade show.
  • Publishes a Quarterly Journal used to pass along information to you. It includes articles on tree growing, human interest stories, technical articles, association news, columns for the buy/sell/trade of equipment, supplies, trees and nursery stock.
  • Publishes an annual Membership Directory listing all members with contact information.  It has a cross reference of company name/member name, the current WCTPA Board of Directors and advertisers wanting your business. Your dues also includes a subscription to the Great Lakes Christmas Tree Journal.
  • Maintains a website which is available for members to advertise their products they have for sale and services they offer.
  • Maintains website pages which contain information for the media, and information helpful to teachers, librarians, and the public.
  • Through its publications and in cooperation with conservation agencies, research organizations, and educational institutions, makes available the latest information and marketing techniques for its members.
  • Disseminates up-to-date information on fire codes, Christmas tree laws, labor issues, and other information as it becomes available.
  • Cooperates with law enforcement agencies in the enforcement of laws relevant to our industry. Works with the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection and the Department of Natural Resources to keep abreast of issues that affect the industry.
  • Works alongside the National Christmas Tree Association to protect the industry, promote real Christmas trees, and educate the public.
  • Partners with Wisconsin Agri-Tourism Association and other groups on projects and issues that affect our industry.
  • Promotes real Christmas trees at public events such as fairs, Farm Technology Days, & Alice in Dairyland events.
  • Sends information to students who request facts for a report they are writing. Is a place for the consumer to get their questions answered. Is a contact for the media.
  • Works for YOU.

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