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Five reasons why you should get a real tree this Christmas


Christmas is coming, and that means it’s time to set up the tree. If your family is still undecided as to whether to go with a real Christmas tree or an artificial one, we’ve got five solid points that we’re sure will convince you a real tree is the best way to go.

  • Tradition. The tradition of tramping through snowy woods in search of a perfect Christmas tree stirs up nostalgia. Choosing a real Christmas tree—whether it’s at a cut-your-own tree farm or a community tree lot—and decorating it together is a great way to connect family and friends across generations.
  • Homegrown. According to the USDA, almost all real Christmas trees sold in the United States are grown in this country; roughly 1.8 million of them are grown at tree farms right here in Wisconsin. By choosing a real Christmas tree, you’re helping to support the local economy.
  • Green. And we’re not just talking about the boughs. Real trees are natural, renewable, recyclable products that provide endless benefits to the environment. While growing, trees help keep the air clean and they provide wildlife habitat. And when the holiday season is over, they can be easily recycled into products like mulch that continue to benefit nature.
  • Scent-sible. Real Christmas trees fill your home with a fragrance that is oh, so wonderful!
  • Fun. A trip to a local tree farm is a fun holiday outing, and a walk through the woods on a brisk winter afternoon is a great way to soothe holiday stress. It’s a great way to create new holiday traditions.

Looking for a REAL tree this Christmas?

Click below to find a Cut Your Own or Fresh Cut Christmas tree for your home this season!

Cut your own Christmas trees in Wisconsin

Fresh Cut Christmas tree lots in Wisconsin


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